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Popular features that will change your life

Invoicing Made Easy
Get paid faster with our quick and professional looking invoices.

Unlimited Users
Enhance collaboration by creating other users with limited permissions. 

Manage Your Expenses
Save time billing and focus on the tasks in your business that you love doing.

Makes transacting with foreign companies a breeze. 

Tablet Friendly
Manage your finances and bill clients on the go with our mobile-friendly interface.

Control Inventory
Let's you be on top of stock values and never lose another sale again.

Our customers love Clever Accounting!

Clever Accounting is a very simple to use software which made my accounting very easy to keep up. I recommend the software for smaller micro businesses as it is very cost effective and easy to use.

Etienne Scerri 
Soteria Ltd. 

With Clever Accounting, I started issuing invoices in no time. Previous experience with accounting software was not necessary. The screen is clean and straightforward. A concise manual is received upon first registration and further tips and hints are sent through a series of e-mails. In addition support is good and efficient. Clever Accounting offers the necessary features of the well known expensive accounting software.

Javier Fenech  
Hygieia Ltd.

Receive Unbelievable Bonuses To Help You
Grow Your Business!

Business Templates

Get your hands on ready-made templates that help you accelerate and simplify your business growth.

Training Materials

Learn how to grow your business with our training materials full of precious insights + real examples.

More testimonials for our
award winning software

It is intuitive and very easy to pick up.

Paul Gostelow 
Astra Consulting. (Accountant)

Having an effective cloud-based accounting solution enables the team at Memoree to collaborate effectively and on-the-go. Thanks to Clever Accounting we can focus on what we do best, provide quality memory storage products, without having to struggle with a complex accounting system. Issuing quotations and making supplier orders is easy and efficient. And the Clever Accounting staff are always there to help whenever we have any questions.

Anika Gatt Seretny 
Memoree Ltd.

The bottom line: Why Choose Us? 

At the end of the day, you don't just want an (online) accounting software that works, but you want one that you can work with. Something you can use, without cursing the government halfway through an invoice!

We know that using a new software is a big decision. That's why we do our best to make things as straight-forward as possible! We give you a PDF step-by-step guide, a video guide, email tips, and friendly support.

Now we're not saying that a complete dummy would find things easy. We're not that good! But we want to assure you that we do our best to make Clever Accounting seamless, and anybody who gives it a shot will gain something from the experience. At the very least, from the training & template bonuses we provide.

Click the button below to get free access to our software (& bonuses). If you don't like what you see, you don't even have to cancel your subscription, as we don't have your credit card details. There's no risk, only reward.

P.S. - If you're wondering, we've also made everything affordable for you. At $0.45/day, you get all the features & support.