Accounting with Peace of Mind

When using Clever Accounting, you can actually use the words “Accounting” and “Peace of Mind” in the same sentence!

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Easy to Use Accounting Software

Our online software is designed to be usable by freelancers and business owners, not just accountants. If you encounter a problem, our friendly support team will gladly help you out.

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Online and Secure

We protect your data with the same level of security as that of a bank. If you are okay with using Internet banking, than this is the same thing. We also backup your data so just in case you lose your data on your computer, we can get you up and running in no time.

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Simple Invoicing

Clever Accounting allows you to easily create invoices so that you can charge your clients quickly and without hassle. Easily email invoices directly to clients or print them with a click of a button.

Clever Accounting is one of the most cost-effective, reliable and user friendly accounting systems that I have used to date…I would gladly recommend Clever Accounting.

Mark Zammit, ATCS

Manage Expenses

Keep track of how you are spending your money and also of who owes you money! With our simple reporting tools, keep track of how your business is doing and whether you have to cut down or invest more!

It is a great software that halves the work we used to do for the quarterly VAT returns and is configured exactly in the same manner as the VAT return. It is intuitive and very easy to pick up.

Paul Gostelow, Astra Consulting

Starting from just €9.95

We believe that every business should be able to easily manage its own bookkeeping. Clever Accounting provides peace of mind to businessmen who want to be in control of their finances.

Very helpful and fast responding staff, ideal for small to mid size companies with requirements to keep track of accounting and stock for a very reasonable package price.

Victoria Manuela