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29 Apr 2017
Open Source Software – Investable Business Model or Not?

Open-source software (OSS) is a catalyst for growth and change in the IT industry, and one can’t overestimate its importance to the sector. Quoting Mike Olson, co-founder of Cloudera, “No dominant platform-level software infrastructure has emerged in the last ten years in closed-source, proprietary form.” Apart from independent OSS projects, an increasing number of companies,

20 Apr 2017
What is the Border Adjustment Tax? Potential Benefits and Risks

More likely than not, you have recently found yourself barraged with headlines regarding the border adjustment tax (BAT), a portion of the Republican House Tax Reform Blueprint intended to overhaul the current U.S. corporate tax code. The proposal has emerged in response to common criticism that the current corporate tax rate of 35% and offshore

14 Mar 2017
Getting the Most from Equity Research – Lessons from a Former Research Analyst

My Wall Street journey started with Bloomberg in 2009. Since then I’ve held positions in equity research at a sell-side shop, as a senior analyst at a hedge fund, and eventually, as the director of research for a startup building research automation tools. During that time, I have produced hundreds of reports, models and recommendations

29 Dec 2015
5 Tips How to Simplify your Business Accounts

Keeping up with your accounting is a necessary part of doing business. Even if you don’t do it all yourself, as a business owner it’s important to keep track of the company’s financial status. Below are five ways you can simplify your accounting so you’re always on top of it but it doesn’t take up

18 Sep 2015
How Using Spreadsheets For Accounting Is Dangerous For Your Business

Six Ways Using Spreadsheets for Accounting Puts Your Business at Risk There are many small business owners and entrepreneurs out there who rely on spreadsheet programs for their accounting needs. Are you one of them? Since Excel and similar programs are included in almost all major productivity suites, it seems like a convenient solution. You

14 Aug 2015
How to find the ideal accountant for your business

  Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to know everything there is to know about business. One of the most important aspects of running a business that most entrepreneurs don’t know much about is financial management. Most entrepreneurs don’t know how to manage the money that they work so hard to bring in. This is

23 Dec 2014
3 Reasons Why All Entrepreneurs Need Accounting

A great business-person needs accounting It’s true that not many people who start a business do it because they are good with numbers. Many times “accounting” and “financial analysis” seem very annoying and overwhelming. They are just another task that need to be marked in an entrepreneur’s must-do checklist. The fact is that in order

30 Nov 2014
How accounting controls your business

Accounting is a major part of your small business or even startup. While you might not realize this completely, it has a powerful impact on how profitable and successful your company is in the long run. Why is accounting important? Actually an accountant is more important than you might think. He/she is not just someone

06 Nov 2014
Turning a hobby into a successful startup

Most of us enjoy spending our time one way or the other: photography, cooking, painting, archery, solving puzzle games, etc. Only some of us have what it takes to turn their hobbies into successful startups. Let me give you a few examples and then I will ask you if you think you’ve got what it

14 Oct 2014
7 Surprising Lessons I Learnt from Winning Startup Weekend

  You can learn a lot in a very short amount of time. During Startup Weekend you are surrounded by people who have their best being brought out of them. Apart from being stimulated by the energy of other participants, mentors continuously push your boundaries through their questions, insights and experiences. I’ve participated in two

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