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23 Dec 2014
3 Reasons Why All Entrepreneurs Need Accounting

A great business-person needs accounting It’s true that not many people who start a business do it because they are good with numbers. Many times “accounting” and “financial analysis” seem very annoying and overwhelming. They are just another task that need to be marked in an entrepreneur’s must-do checklist. The fact is that in order

30 Nov 2014
How accounting controls your business

Accounting is a major part of your small business or even startup. While you might not realize this completely, it has a powerful impact on how profitable and successful your company is in the long run. Why is accounting important? Actually an accountant is more important than you might think. He/she is not just someone

06 Nov 2014
Turning a hobby into a successful startup

Most of us enjoy spending our time one way or the other: photography, cooking, painting, archery, solving puzzle games, etc. Only some of us have what it takes to turn their hobbies into successful startups. Let me give you a few examples and then I will ask you if you think you’ve got what it

14 Oct 2014
7 Surprising Lessons I Learnt from Winning Startup Weekend

  You can learn a lot in a very short amount of time. During Startup Weekend you are surrounded by people who have their best being brought out of them. Apart from being stimulated by the energy of other participants, mentors continuously push your boundaries through their questions, insights and experiences. I’ve participated in two

04 Sep 2014
Small Business Craft? You Decide!

Can you imagine Michael Phelps in the pool but forgetting how to swim? Highly unimaginable! If you are a small business owner, can you imagine forgetting what got you started in the first place? Highly unimaginable but shockingly, many small businesses may be doing exactly the unimaginable! Whatever the reason, whatever your “why” behind you

01 Jul 2014
Clever Accounting Update – June 2014

Improving the value we deliver to you is important and this is why we conduct updates to Clever Accounting. The new version available includes a number of updates and fixes. These are some of the main changes:  Added an option to allow user password reset.  Changed decimal places in preferences to be number lists instead

02 Jun 2014
More Data Storage Space for Clever Accounting Users

We’ve just upgraded our data storage facilities and as a result, we are now able to offer more storage to Clever Accounting users! We’ve kept the storage limit the same for our ‘Freelancer’ plan (we think it really provides fantastic value as is) but we’ve upgraded both the ‘Small Business’ plan and the ‘Busy Accounts’

27 May 2014
A fresh look for our new website!

This week we have launched a brand new design for the Clever Accounting website. Our old website has served its purpose but our company now requires a design that is more powerful, colourful and a website that better serves the needs of our online visitors. What has changed? One of our priorities when developing the

19 Feb 2014
7 Disadvantages of Invoicing using Spreadsheets

Do you use spreadsheet software to create invoices for your clients? Many businessmen find online invoice templates, modify them and try to make do with them. As we shall see there are many disadvantages with invoicing using spreadsheets. The correct way to invoice clients is through using computerized accounting software. Before you say, “I don’t

06 Feb 2014
The First Clever Accounting Training Session

The first Clever Accounting training session was organized a few days ago at the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Skyparks, Malta. The training was offered for free to Clever Accounting clients. The reason we offer training is that we feel it is very important that you, our clients, are getting as much value as possible from

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