About us

Clever Accounting is an award-winning service offered by Clever Solutions Ltd, an information technology company set up in 2007 and based in Malta, Europe.


Clever Accounting was conceived as there was an expressed need by accountants and bookkeepers for an accounting package that would allow them to work in a straightforward and secure manner, with flexibility, and without breaking the bank. Furthermore, companies are increasingly appreciating the benefits of good financial management and this is what Clever Accounting helps its users achieve.

The software is based on Front Accounting which is an open-source technology which Clever Solutions Ltd contributes to and builds on in various ways.

What we’re working to achieve

Many businesses are not in control of their finances and this is partly because they don’t understand accounting. Often times, the accounting software they use does not help their situation because it is too complex. We understand these businesses because we used to be in their shoes.

Nowadays we have taken control of our finances and of our business. By using Clever Accounting we now have a better understanding of what money is coming in and what money is going out, and the business decisions we take are now based on trustworthy information.

We now sleep better at night because our clients’ finances are better managed and our own employees are working in a company that is carefully run.

The Company

Clever Solutions Ltd was set up by IT veteran Carmelo Romano who is a computer pioneer in Malta and has over 30 years experience working in different countries. The company specializes in IT system administration and open source technologies, and works with clients and partners on 3 continents.

The three main guiding values of the company are cleverness, sincerity and excellence.


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