The Best eBusiness Idea of the Year

Posted by Carmelo Romano

Yes, we won!

On the 27th of November, the Malta Communications Authority eBusiness Awards were held at the Phoenicia Hotel. 35 nominees were chosen to compete in six different eBusiness categories. As announced earlier, we are very proud to have been nominated in the Best eBusiness Idea of the Year category. To have won our category is the cherry on the cake.

Our Managing Director, Carmelo Romano, pointed out that “to receive this award is an honour, particularly when considering the caliber of the other nominees in our category. The award represents an official recognition of the hard work that we have been investing into Clever Accounting. We were able to prove to the panel that we mean business, and we look forward to continue investing in Clever Accounting and to continuing to build on the value that we deliver to our stakeholders.”

Apart from us, in the same category there were also PWC, who created a fund of €1 million in services to help start-ups, and Exante, who developed an internationally acclaimed trading application.

Finally, attending the awards was Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Dr Edward Zammit Lewis who spoke about how Malta has managed to establish a strong ICT industry. Addressing the nominees he pointed out that “your drive to reach such high levels of excellence in this area helps put Malta on the global ICT map.  The message you are sending beyond our shores augurs well for a strong Maltese digital economy in the years to come. Government’s mission in this regard is very clear.  We aim to push Malta to the forefront of technological development and innovation.  We intend to have a thriving economy that is built on next generation infrastructures capable of catering for emergent technologies and business needs.”

This is exactly the environment we want Clever Accounting to be developed in. The future for Clever Accounting looks bright and exciting.

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