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21 Oct 2013
Clever Accounting attends the MasterCard Merchant Risk Roundtable

Clever Accounting recently attended a Merchant Risk Roundtable organized by MasterCard Worldwide, at the Westin Dragonara Hotel in Malta. The seminar touched upon a number of important topics all with the aim of reducing risk while doing business online. Security receives the highest priority in our day to day operations at Clever Accounting and we

07 Oct 2013
October 2013 update from behind the scenes

In the last week, we have carried out an update for Clever Accounting. We’ve sprayed some bug spray and exterminated some bugs that were lying in dark corners. We’ve also added some new functionality. This is a small round-up: New Items Sales Report General Notes added to Supplier and Customer Detail Listings Improved Supplier Balances

30 Sep 2013
10 startup lessons learned at TechCrunch Italy 2013

It had it all. Exciting startups, inspiring speakers, a unique venue, and a charismatic Marco Montemagno at his best. TechCrunch Italy 2013 was a success. The event was attended by entrepreneurs, investors and media mostly from Italy, though there were participants from over ten countries including the USA, UK, Germany and Spain. Among the speakers

13 Sep 2013
Advisory Services: a missed opportunity for accountants

Just like any other profession, the Accounting profession is changing. And it is changing in many ways. The theme of shifting accountants’ focus from “transactional services” such as bookkeeping and tax preparation, to higher level services such as strategic planning, is one which we are seeing increasingly raised around the web. In this article on

14 Aug 2013
5 reasons why you should be aware of your business finances

According to this study by the University of Tenneessee, one of the biggest reasons why many new businesses fail is because of a lack of proper financial management. It is common for small business owners not to have basic knowledge of Accounting. Although this is understandable, it doesn’t mean that accounting can be ignored. It

25 Jun 2013
Clever Accounting saves time for Accountant in Malta

Although we deal with businesses from all around the world, Clever Accounting was born in Malta (Europe) and we have strong ties with several accountants and small business owners here on the island. The fact that we’ve been able to work with several companies and help them improve aspects of their operations has provided us

14 Jun 2013
Why every startup needs accounting software

Setting up a business is not for sissies. According to research by the University of Tennessee, 44% of new businesses do not make it past the 3rd year, with 55% not making it past the 5th year. The rate of failure for technology startups is actually much higher with more than 90% of tech startups

30 Apr 2013
New Quick Start Video Tutorial

The beginning is always the hardest bit. That’s probably not always true, but it does apply to most accounting software. When starting to use an accounting package, you have to set up your company and tax details so that transactions that are entered are recorded correctly. With Clever Accounting we’re doing our best to make

15 Apr 2013
Maltese start-up takes control of its finances

Mark Zammit is the founder of ATCS (, a multi-disciplined organization whose core activities revolve around holistic training, translation services and business consultancy. As is often done, ATCS, a Maltese startup, initially used spreadsheet software to keep track of the company’s finances. However, Mark quickly opted to start using Clever Accounting after it became clear

14 Apr 2013
New website delivers better user experience

We’ve just launched this new website that immediately gives visitors and users a better experience when learning about Clever Accounting. The website will help us communicate what Clever Accounting is about, i.e. helping small businesses take advantage of existing technology to take control of their company finances. What’s new? The website was created in-house at

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