Clever Accounting Update – June 2014

Improving the value we deliver to you is important and this is why we conduct updates to Clever Accounting.

The new version available includes a number of updates and fixes. These are some of the main changes:

Please note that there is no need for users to do anything to start benefiting from the latest version of Clever Accounting. The update was carried out by the Clever Accounting team, so the version available to you is updated automatically.

More Data Storage Space for Clever Accounting Users

We’ve just upgraded our data storage facilities and as a result, we are now able to offer more storage to Clever Accounting users!

We’ve kept the storage limit the same for our ‘Freelancer’ plan (we think it really provides fantastic value as is) but we’ve upgraded both the ‘Small Business’ plan and the ‘Busy Accounts’ plan. You can see our plans here.

The ‘Small Business’ plan has been upped from 200MB to 500MB (a 250% increase!) and the ‘Busy Accounts Plan’ has been upped from 300MB to 1000MB (a 333% increase!).

About Your Data Storage

Now, you may be saying…”Great, you’ve upped the storage limits. But what are we storing?”

Good question!

The storage limits apply to storing three specific things. Firstly, they apply to storing backups. When you take a back-up, it is stored on our servers. Backups are stored in a compressed format so they actually take up less space than your actual database.

The second thing you can store is documents such as scans of receipts and invoices. For example, when you’re creating a record of an invoice that you received, you may want to scan the invoice and attach it to the appropriate record on Clever Accounting.

Many countries are passing legislation to make electronic copies of invoices valid as legal documents. In such countries, companies do not have to keep hard copies but rather they can scan their invoices and keep a digital copy instead.

The third thing you can store are pictures that you attach to your items. Pictures are in turn used in price lists.

In the case that more storage space is required, users have two options. They can upgrade to the next plan and also benefit from a higher transaction limit. Alternatively, they may purchase from us added data storage space, which we’ll allocate to them. Extra storage may be purchased at the rate of 2GB for €1 / month.

Till now, we’ve never had a user who has not had enough storage space. However, we are expecting to have some users start making more use of their storage space. As companies store more and more documents, storage space will always be in demand.

Although you can store copies of your receipts and invoices on Clever Accounting, we still suggest that you keep a local back-up of your documents.

From our end, we hope you like how we’ve upgraded our plans. We’re going to continue offering more value in the coming weeks so keep visiting our blog. You can also follow us on Facebook or Google+ where we post all of our latest updates and resources.

A fresh look for our new website!

This week we have launched a brand new design for the Clever Accounting website.

Our old website has served its purpose but our company now requires a design that is more powerful, colourful and a website that better serves the needs of our online visitors.

What has changed?

One of our priorities when developing the new website was that it had to be mobile friendly. With over 20% of our traffic coming from mobile devices, it is very important to us that our visitors can enjoy a fantastic user experience, regardless of the device they’re using.

Our new website is mobile-friendly and resizes itself according to the browser size. For example, if you resize your browser right now, you’ll see that the website will resize accordingly. Try it out, it’s pretty cool!

Another important upgrade was that we developed our website in such a way to make it load quickly. Again, this is very important when accessing our website, which includes training materials and also links to our support platform. We know that when our users are experiencing a difficulty, the last thing they want is to wait for a slow website.

Despite a small recent break from our blog, we are still very dedicated to continue offering value-added content to you, our website visitors. Our revamped blog is now clean and it is easier than ever to share content and comment on blog posts.

Finally, in the coming weeks we are releasing our new e-book about how to minimize your accounting costs and have more control of your business. You can sign up for this informative e-book from the form below. When we launch it, we’ll send you an email with a link from where you can download it for free.

Tell us what you think

We’ve put in a lot of work into this website and into our content strategy. We certainly hope you like what we’ll be publishing and we always look forward to your feedback. What do you think of our new website?

The First Clever Accounting Training Session

The first Clever Accounting training session was organized a few days ago at the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Skyparks, Malta. The training was offered for free to Clever Accounting clients.

The reason we offer training is that we feel it is very important that you, our clients, are getting as much value as possible from the (software as a) service that you pay for. Apart from the training, current users can already make use of Quick Start Guide to Clever Accounting and the training videos available on our YouTube Channel.

Our training is not meant to replace the service that your accountant provides you. Instead, it is meant to give you the basic skills, like issuing invoices and generating reports, that make running your business so much easier.

The topics that were covered include fundamental tasks such as entering business and client information, setting up back accounts and software preferences, inputting product information correctly, and we ended the session with an example of how to invoice a client.

A second training session covering more advanced topics such as inventory, costing and reporting will be organized in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in learning more on how to use Clever Accounting, contact us and we’ll do our best to provide you with the training you require.

Health & Safety Company uses Clever Accounting

Recently we received a testimonial from one of our clients which we had met at BNI, an international referral network.

Etienne Scerri, the founder and managing director of OHS4SME (Occupational Health & Safety for Small & headerleftnewlogoMedium sized Enterprises), required an accounting solution that did not cost the Earth and at the same time did not require a lot of technical expertise to work with.

Being an open-minded individual we suggested that Etienne tries our online accounting software, Clever Accounting, particularly since it was available for 30-days risk free. After trying it out, Etienne loved the solution particularly how easy it was to issue invoices for his clients.

“I would like to congratulate you on the Clever Accounting Software that I have purchased. It is a very simple to use software which has made the accounting function very easy to keep up. I would recommend the software for any business especially small micro businesses as it is very cost effective and easy to use.”

In the case of OHS4SME, since the latter is a service-oriented company, Clever Accounting was particularly easy to implement as there was no need to make use of the inventory management and manufacturing features. Implementation simply consisted of entering the company and bank details, followed by the product, customer and supplier details.

Using Clever Accounting, OHS4SME has managed to improve the efficiency of its accounting function.

If you wish to try out Clever Accounting for your business, click here for a free 30 day trial (no credit card required).

The Best eBusiness Idea of the Year

Yes, we won!

On the 27th of November, the Malta Communications Authority eBusiness Awards were held at the Phoenicia Hotel. 35 nominees were chosen to compete in six different eBusiness categories. As announced earlier, we are very proud to have been nominated in the Best eBusiness Idea of the Year category. To have won our category is the cherry on the cake.

Our Managing Director, Carmelo Romano, pointed out that “to receive this award is an honour, particularly when considering the caliber of the other nominees in our category. The award represents an official recognition of the hard work that we have been investing into Clever Accounting. We were able to prove to the panel that we mean business, and we look forward to continue investing in Clever Accounting and to continuing to build on the value that we deliver to our stakeholders.”

Apart from us, in the same category there were also PWC, who created a fund of €1 million in services to help start-ups, and Exante, who developed an internationally acclaimed trading application.

Finally, attending the awards was Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Dr Edward Zammit Lewis who spoke about how Malta has managed to establish a strong ICT industry. Addressing the nominees he pointed out that “your drive to reach such high levels of excellence in this area helps put Malta on the global ICT map.  The message you are sending beyond our shores augurs well for a strong Maltese digital economy in the years to come. Government’s mission in this regard is very clear.  We aim to push Malta to the forefront of technological development and innovation.  We intend to have a thriving economy that is built on next generation infrastructures capable of catering for emergent technologies and business needs.”

This is exactly the environment we want Clever Accounting to be developed in. The future for Clever Accounting looks bright and exciting.

Clever Accounting earns eShop trust mark certificate

Admittedly, after being announced as finalists in the upcoming Malta Communications Authority 2013 eBusiness Awards, we have taken a closer look at the services that this governmental organization offers.

One of these services is the vetting of applications for the eShop trust mark. Here is more information according to the MCA website:


eShop is an electronic shopping trust-mark for consumers and retailers. It embodies a harmonised set of electronic shopping principles that aim to support eCommerce and increase online sales. It reassures consumers that they will receive reliable and trustworthy services from eShop verified traders.

The eShop trust-mark provides assurance that:

  • You are reliable and trustworthy;
  • The conditions of sale are clear and available on your website;
  • You respect laws on eCommerce, Distance Selling and Data Protection;
  • A dispute resolution procedure is in place if anything does go wrong during the transaction;
  • The information provided by the customer to you will not be used for spamming;
  • You will advise the customer if ‘cookies’ are required for the processing of data.

To be awarded the trust-mark, you must implement the eShop Code of Conduct and it is the responsibility of the MCA to grant the trust-mark after having carried out the necessary checks to confirm adherence to this Code of Conduct. A mechanism is in place to ensure that the trust-mark on verified websites is authentic. When consumers click on the logo on your website, eShop confirms that you are verified and displays the certificate of your online shop.

After learning more about the trust mark, we knew that this was the level of quality that we wanted to operate at. It was also important for us to show that we operate at high standards in order to assure our clients that they are trading with a reliable service provider.

A few days after applying and satisfying all the requirements, we were awarded the eShop trust mark by the MCA. The mark, which is visible on this blog post, is now being displayed on several pages across the website.

In your opinion, how important are such trust marks when making purchasing decisions for your company?

Announcing the free100 initiative

To celebrate our first year (and a bit) working on Clever Accounting software we are giving out 100 free 12 month subscriptions to micro-enterprises in Malta (companies with 10 employees or less).

The subscriptions in the free100 are of the mini-level which means that users will be able to use all the software features and may process up to 600 transactions per month, which should be more than enough for most small businesses. Mini-level subscriptions are normally provided for just €14.95 per month.

For a free 12 month subscription, click here. This offer has been exhausted, however, if you are a Startup you can avail yourself of this scheme. We may also be running a special introduction offer here.

In the past twelve months when we launched Clever Accounting in Malta and for other countries via our website, we have received a lot of support and helpful feedback from our user-base. In the last year, we’ve been working very hard to constantly improve the overall product value that we deliver as well as maintain a top level of customer support.

Today we can confidently say that we offer the best value accounting software in Malta.

We’re also expanding Clever Accounting internationally as we already have users in several other countries.

Beyond the free subscriptions, for the coming months we are planning to share even more freebies for the whole of our growing community of users. We’re not one to spoil surprises but you can look forward to resources that will help you manage your finances in a manner that allows you to get valuable insights into how your business is performing.

As many of our clients know, we believe that education on accounting basics is crucial because it empowers business owners to manage their hard-earned money wisely.

Clever Accounting finalists in the upcoming MCA 2013 eBusiness Awards!

We are really proud to announce that Clever Accounting has been chosen to compete as a finalist in the Malta Communications Authority’s (MCA) 2013 Awards in the Best eBusiness Idea category.

This is the 3rd edition of the MCA eBusiness Awards with various local established companies such as Lufthansa Cargo, Seasus, Calamatta Cuschieri, Bank of Valletta, ICON, Vodafone Malta and others, winning the awards in previous years.

The awards are aimed at acknowledging unique and innovative local ideas and initiatives in the use of web-based technologies and eBusiness for businesses and society at large.

Although the best awards are the testimonials and kind words that we receive from our customers and partners, we very much appreciate being nominated for the MCA awards. Such nominations are further proof that the shift to using important online services like cloud accounting software is being accepted and appreciated by the ICT industry.

This has also all happened with very good timing as we’re about to make a big announcement this Wednesday, so make sure you come back and see what it is. There might be something in it for you!

Clever Accounting attends the MasterCard Merchant Risk Roundtable

Clever Accounting recently attended a Merchant Risk Roundtable organized by MasterCard Worldwide, at the Westin Dragonara Hotel in Malta.

The seminar touched upon a number of important topics IT Securityall with the aim of reducing risk while doing business online. Security receives the highest priority in our day to day operations at Clever Accounting and we feel that many of the points brought up during this roundtable should be discussed. To this end we thought of sharing some of these points with you.

New Developments
MasterCard are working hard to make credit card transactions safer. For face-to-face (or card present) transactions the chipped card has been introduced while for online transactions they are implementing what is known as 3D secure. Although some may consider these introductions of higher security as a hindrance, they help to considerably reduce the risk to the merchant and the bank.

Now more attention is being placed on the weakest link in the whole chain of credit card payment. The weakest link is the human link. For example, how many of us know someone who received an email that seemed to be an official email from a reputed entity and unfortunately followed the instructions blindly? Many consider printed documents (including emails and websites) as legitimate. We have to spread the message that there is another step before a click and that is THINK.

What about those who receive a telephone call from a supposedly reputable entity and request the user to use the computer to log in on a site to have the computer fixed from a virus? As soon as the victim logs in, the computer is overtaken by the hacker who requests money to unblock the computer.

We must always stay vigilant and work on the premise that the other party has to earn our trust before we trust them.
Hackers will go to extreme lengths to get sensitive information from victims. Take for example the case where the credit card terminal in a shop was modified to capture both the information on the magnetic strip of the card and the pin number. The introduction of the chip on the credit card has considerably reduced this type of attack.

Security as a priority
Here at Clever Accounting we pay a lot of attention to security. Protecting our clients’ data is very important for us and we go the extra mile to constantly check that our servers are up to date and that data is safe. Our aim is to remain at the cutting edge of technology to provide a secure and reliable service.

In conclusion, as businesses and consumers, we must always remain vigilant and we must stay informed about the security issues of doing business both online and in a face-to-face manner. This will give us the peace of mind that comes with doing business with entities who hold information security in high regard.

Clever Accounting helps small business owners and accountants to record their accounts, carry out bank reconciliation, invoicing, tax, and to generate accounting reports and financial statements. It is a fully-featured online accounting system that is easy to use, secure, and affordable.

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