Clever Accounting earns eShop trust mark certificate

Posted by Carmelo Romano

Admittedly, after being announced as finalists in the upcoming Malta Communications Authority 2013 eBusiness Awards, we have taken a closer look at the services that this governmental organization offers.

One of these services is the vetting of applications for the eShop trust mark. Here is more information according to the MCA website:


eShop is an electronic shopping trust-mark for consumers and retailers. It embodies a harmonised set of electronic shopping principles that aim to support eCommerce and increase online sales. It reassures consumers that they will receive reliable and trustworthy services from eShop verified traders.

The eShop trust-mark provides assurance that:

  • You are reliable and trustworthy;
  • The conditions of sale are clear and available on your website;
  • You respect laws on eCommerce, Distance Selling and Data Protection;
  • A dispute resolution procedure is in place if anything does go wrong during the transaction;
  • The information provided by the customer to you will not be used for spamming;
  • You will advise the customer if ‘cookies’ are required for the processing of data.

To be awarded the trust-mark, you must implement the eShop Code of Conduct and it is the responsibility of the MCA to grant the trust-mark after having carried out the necessary checks to confirm adherence to this Code of Conduct. A mechanism is in place to ensure that the trust-mark on verified websites is authentic. When consumers click on the logo on your website, eShop confirms that you are verified and displays the certificate of your online shop.

After learning more about the trust mark, we knew that this was the level of quality that we wanted to operate at. It was also important for us to show that we operate at high standards in order to assure our clients that they are trading with a reliable service provider.

A few days after applying and satisfying all the requirements, we were awarded the eShop trust mark by the MCA. The mark, which is visible on this blog post, is now being displayed on several pages across the website.

In your opinion, how important are such trust marks when making purchasing decisions for your company?

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