Access From Anywhere

Access your accounts online, anytime.

You can access your accounts from your office, your home, or even a coffee shop, as long as you have Internet access. Since Clever Accounting is web-based, you can access your accounts securely using any computer and you do not need to install any software.

Great Online Accounting Software Features

An Easy to use Accounting Solution

Our clients love the fact that Clever Accounting is user-friendly and easy to learn. The interface is clean, straightforward and does not include unnecessary graphics. The guides and training material that we continuously develop make using our software effortless.

Data is Secure & Backed Up

Secure Data Backups

We understand that having accounts online may be scary to some businesses. This is why we protect your data with the same level of security as that of a bank. If you are okay with using Internet banking, than this is the same thing. We also backup your data so just in case you lose your data on your computer, we can get you up and running in no time.

Reports & Financial Statements

Great Reporting

Over 50 reports and financial statements are available providing you with a multitude of information with which to financially manage your business. Reports include sales and purchases, banking and general ledger related reports. Reports can be created in pdf format and in excel format. Certain reports, such as statements can be sent directly to clients via email. Other reports include graphical analysis such as bar graphs, dot lines, pies and donut graphs.

More Features


Clever Accounting allows for multi-currency bank accounts, customers and suppliers. This makes working with foreign companies plain sailing and reduces the number of transactions one would have to enter had this functionality not been implemented.

Quotes & Estimates

This is an ideal feature for those working in the service industry. Keeping track of issued quotations and estimates is often difficult. This function helps provide a uniform way of providing quotations, which later on can be converted to invoices with a click of a button.

Control Your Credit

Each and every client has an individual threshold for maximum credit allowed. This control allows the user to immediately know if the client has overshot the limit before further invoices are issued, thus eliminating further loss with defaulting clients.

Manage User Access

Where separation of duties is practiced, having different employees with different access rights is imperative. In practice it is not advisable to give everyone full access to financial information. Clever Accounting allows the setting up of different types of access for different users, limiting them to their allowed portion to the software.

Bank Reconciliation

An important function to help make sure that posted transactions tally with what actually happened with the bank accounts. This function has been rendered into an easy way of keeping track such transactions. Comparing entries to a bank statement is quick and easy to perform.

Mobile Accounting

Since Clever Accounting is based on the cloud, it is accessible securely from anywhere with an Internet connection. We have clients who provide a service on the go and invoice clients using a tablet. Talk about being efficient!

Free Online support

We provide unlimited email support to cover any technical-related uncertainties that you may experience. A help centre with training material is also provided.


A clever thing you can do with our accounting package is calculate how much a particular project or department is costing you. Find out which products are making you money and eliminate those which aren’t.


A whole section is dedicated to inventory and stocks. This includes functionality to Record Stock Items; Define Item Categories and Item Locations; Record Location Transfers; Set re-order levels and a host of other tools such as Automatic calculation of average material cost (per unit) and application of standard and overhead costs into standard prices.


Do you like having graphs and pie charts to visualize those boring accounting numbers? This is possible using Clever Accounting, which is available in different themes. One of the themes is just text and is super easy to use. Another theme has graphics and allows the user to understand the numbers faster.

Customers & Suppliers

Clever Accounting allows you to store important information on the people you’re dealing with. For example, you can set a credit limit and payment terms according to each customer. The same is true for suppliers. You can also give discounts if payments are done promptly and you can easily keep track of multiple contacts and branches that you’re dealing with.

TAX/VAT Returns

The flexibility in tax and vat functionality found in Clever Accounting make this accounting package useable in all tax and vat situations.

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