Maltese start-up takes control of its finances

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Mark Zammit is the founder of ATCS (, a multi-disciplined organization whose core activities revolve around holistic training, translation services and business consultancy.

As is often done, ATCS, a Maltese startup, initially used spreadsheet software to keep track of the company’s finances. However, Mark quickly opted to start using Clever Accounting after it became clear that he needed a more scalable and trustworthy way to keep track of his accounts. After testing the software in the 30-day free trial, Mark stayed on as a customer.

In his own words: “I was introduced to using Clever Accounting through a colleague of mine and today I can easily say that Clever Accounting is one of the most cost-effective, reliable and user friendly accounting systems that I have used to date.

Not only this, but the fact that Clever Accounting is accessible 24/7 and virtually online anywhere gives me and my company the flexibility and freedom to know exactly how we are fairing financially practically instantaneously.”

Hearing clients like Mark speak about how Clever Accounting gives them insight on the financial performance of their company makes us proud. One of the top reasons why many small businesses struggle is because of their inability to correctly manage their finances in the present and their inability to plan for the future.

The situation is improving

Thankfully things are slowly changing with greater awareness of the importance of financial management in startups as well as established companies. Larger companies normally employ a full time accountant and a financial controller; smaller companies tend to put financials on a lower priority. Often this leads to unpleasant surprises. With the ease of using Clever Accounting, this important aspect of business becomes easier to maintain.

However, an application on its own is not enough and this is why behind Clever Accounting there is a team that cares about offering a positive user experience.

Mark goes on to say: “the level of service by the Clever Solutions team is extremely up to scratch and they are there when you need them. I would gladly recommend Clever Accounting to anyone who wants a secure, reliable and convenient accounting package that doesn’t cost the earth”.

Find out more about what Mark is speaking about and check out this page!

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