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We’ve just launched this new website that immediately gives visitors and users a better experience when learning about Clever Accounting. The website will help us communicate what Clever Accounting is about, i.e. helping small businesses take advantage of existing technology to take control of their company finances.

What’s new?

The website was created in-house at Clever Solutions Ltd and provides visitors with clear information on the different features that our cloud accounting package offers. This helps inform users of the functionality they can use to get the most value from the system. The information also helps visitors interested in Clever Accounting make an educated decision on whether it is the right software for their business.

Constant improvements and additions to the content will be added. These will include marketing material for partners, educational blog posts for small business owners, as well as training material for our users. We have already started recording our first videos so keep an eye out for these in the coming weeks.

Perhaps the best thing about the new website is that the process for creating a free trial account is now automated and easy to follow. In addition, for accountants interested in what we’re working on, we now have a partners’ page with information on the extra benefits they enjoy just for using Clever Accounting with their clients.

There have been a lot of developments at Clever Accounting lately. These past few months we’ve been focused 100% on delivering the best user experience possible.

Pass on the message

Now with this professional website, we are able to share our message more easily and with confidence. We’d greatly appreciate it if you’d share our website with any accountants or new companies setting up. They’ll most probably be interested to hear about us.

Finally, please leave a comment with what you think of our website. We’d love to know!

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