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Dear Reader,

Everybody knows. Accounting is not sexy. But it's required.

It's required by law. And above all its required to succeed. That much has always been clear to me.

One of the first things I did when founding my IT company was to purchase a popular accounting software. To my frustration, I soon found out that even as a computer expert, this software was hard to learn, and using it was complicated at best.

I was forced to depend on an accountant for everything related to accounting.

This created new problems for me.

It made me more inefficient, I had to wait for my accounts to be updated and my costs increased!

Also, I was basically paying for an accounting system and not getting anything out of it.

All the work being done was for reporting to the IRS and VAT departments. But the first one to benefit from accounting software should be the business using it!!!

I knew this had to change and as the founder of an IT company, I had the power and knowledge to do something about this. And so Clever Accounting was born…

Now, before I tell you how Clever Accounting has helped transform my business, let me tell you about how William almost lost his.

This guy thought his accountant had his back,
and ended up almost going bankrupt!

William's day-to-day business was good and it seemed that he was making a good profit. In reality, things were very different.

William was the kind of person who had an accountant, but rarely spoke to him. He assumed that if all was quiet, then all was good.

Despite this attitude, he was curious about Clever Accounting and wanted to give it a try.

What he found out left him shocked!

It turns out he was losing money. Big time! Thankfully, he found out in time and corrective action was taken.

The interesting point is this: his accountant didn't say a word about all this. The accountant was too busy trying to find new clients for himself rather than focus on saving his client's business.

All that this lazy accountant had to do was pick up the phone and report the losses. That call was never made and William continued, unknowingly, making losses.

If you think you don't have to worry about accounting because you have an accountant,

According to the University of Tennessee, the main reasons why small businesses fail are related to accounting and finance.

  • Poor credit granting practices
  • Lack of planning
  • Non-payment of taxes
  • Living too expensively for the business
  • Emotional pricing
  • No experience in record-keeping
  • And more…

These are all areas in which your accountant can help you with. Yet they are the reasons why most businesses fail.

You need an Award-Winning
Online Accounting Software ...

Presentation of the E-Business Idea of the Year award at the Malta Communications Authority Awards Ceremony.

... that will give you control of your
business finances

We have clients that can do all of these and more, even though they haven't received any formal education in Accounting!

This is where our easy to use, online accounting software comes in. Now, you might be asking…

“What can online accounting software
do for my business?”

Introducing Clever Accounting

Clever Accounting is an online accounting software package that is going to save you time, it will help you minimize the risk of your business failing, and it will also help you grow your business.

This is what you can do with Clever Accounting:

But Don't Just Take My Word For It!

In the six testimonials below:

1. Javier explains how he got started in no time with no previous experience

2. Anika explains how Clever Accounting helped her focus on what she does best so she may grow her business

3. Mark tell us how with Clever Accounting he always knows how his company is performing, thus reducing the risk of failure

4. Jertrad praises the excellent online support he receives from our staff

5. Alison describes how easy to use Clever Accounting is

6. Victoria also praises the staff who understand her needs as a non-accounting professional

“the screen is clean and straight-forward”

“With Clever Accounting, I started issuing invoices in no time. Previous experience with accounting software was not necessary. The screen is clean and straightforward. A concise manual is received upon first registration furthermore tips and hints are sent through a series of e-mails. In addition support is good and efficient. Clever Accounting offers the necessary features of the well known expensive accounting software.”

Javier Fenech, Hygieia Ltd.

“…enables us to collaborate effectively and on-the-go”

“Having an effective cloud-based accounting solution enables the team at Memoree to collaborate effectively and on-the-go. Thanks to Clever Accounting we can focus on what we do best, provide quality memory storage products, without having to struggle with a complex accounting system. Issuing quotations and making supplier orders is easy and efficient. And the Clever Accounting staff are always there to help whenever we have questions.”

Anika, Memoree Ltd.

“…cost-effective, reliable and user friendly”

“I was introduced to using Clever Accounting through a colleague of mine and today can easily say that Clever Accounting is one of the most cost-effective, reliable and user friendly accounting systems that I have used to date. Not only this, but the fact that Clever Accounting is accessible 24/7 and online anywhere gives me and my company the flexibility and freedom to know exactly how we are fairing financially practically instantaneously. Also, the level of service by the Clever Solutions Team is extremely up to scratch and there when you need them. I would gladly recommend Clever Accounting to anyone who wants a secure, reliable and convenient accounting package that doesn't cost the earth”

Mark Zammit, ATCS

“includes all the modules necessary to run a business”

“The software package is simple to use but includes all the modules necessary to run a business. It is reliable and has excellent personal online support, of particular importance to us is the stock and inventory section which is far more advanced than many similar software packages.”

John Edwards, Jetrad, Gozo

“it sure made my invoicing easier”

“Been using Clever Accounting for only a short period of time, but I must say that it is so easy to use and it sure made my invoicing easier. I can now keep updated with stock, payments, client details etc. I'm so glad I was recommended Clever Accounting.”

Alison Mifsud, TintiMalta

“very helpful and fast responding staff”

“After extensive research and trials with various cloud based accountancy systems, I settled with Clever Accounting, a prospering new team who has helped me through the process of not only adapting to my needs and personalising some features, but also to understand the process of accounting for a non-professional. Very helpful and fast responding staff, ideal for small to mid size companies with requirements to keep track of accounting and stock for a very reasonable package price. I highly recommend this company if you are considering a migration or simply starting up with an online accounting system.”

Victoria Manuela, Ladyline Spas s.l.

Even these Major Publications
Believe in Online Accounting Software

“Online, or cloud financial applications, are slowly but surely becoming the norm. Many small business owners are taking notice, particularly because of their benefits.” – Forbes (2014)

“Online financial software is just now entering the realm of full acceptance among small businesses.” – Inc (2009)

“Online accounting packages sure make things seem easy.” – Entrepreneur (2011)

Everything comes with our
Iron-Clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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P.S. – Did you know that the cost of Clever Accounting amounts to only $0.27 / day?

P.P.S – Clever Accounting software is used by small business owners & freelancers who want accounting to be simple. Is that too much to ask? No it's not! Getting started with Clever Accounting is very easy with our step-by-step tutorial & our fantastic support team.

If you want to easily invoice your clients, manage your expenses, and stay in control of your finances, while learning how to grow your business, then Clever Accounting is perfect for you! Click here and let's get started together!

P.P.P.S – You owe it to yourself, to your clients and to all your potential clients to survive and thrive so that you can play your part in improving your customer's lives. Grab this great opportunity and run with it.

Our Customer's Final Words

“made my accounting side very easy to keep up.”

“I would like to congratulate you on the Clever Accounting Software I have purchased. It is a very simple to use software which made my accounting side very easy to keep up.

I would/will recommend the software for any business especially smaller micro business as it is very cost effective and easy to use.”

Etienne Scerri, OHS4SME

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I need to get started?

You only need an Internet connection and a browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

What happens at the end of the annual subscription?

At the end of the annual subscription you will not lose your data. You will have an opportunity to renew your subscription at the normal rate $180 / year. We have total confidence that you would have grown your business enough to afford that amount in 12 months time. And anyway, even at that rate, our software is very competitively priced.

Would I still need an accountant?

This depends on the level of your accounting knowledge. If you are a beginner, then we would suggest you use Clever Accounting to perform basic tasks like invoicing, reporting, and issuing customer statements, and that you leave more advanced tasks to a bookkeeper or a certified public accountant.

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Regular Price: $180                Today: $97



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