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Posted by Carmelo Romano

We’ve just upgraded our data storage facilities and as a result, we are now able to offer more storage to Clever Accounting users!

We’ve kept the storage limit the same for our ‘Freelancer’ plan (we think it really provides fantastic value as is) but we’ve upgraded both the ‘Small Business’ plan and the ‘Busy Accounts’ plan. You can see our plans here.

The ‘Small Business’ plan has been upped from 200MB to 500MB (a 250% increase!) and the ‘Busy Accounts Plan’ has been upped from 300MB to 1000MB (a 333% increase!).

About Your Data Storage

Now, you may be saying…”Great, you’ve upped the storage limits. But what are we storing?”

Good question!

The storage limits apply to storing three specific things. Firstly, they apply to storing backups. When you take a back-up, it is stored on our servers. Backups are stored in a compressed format so they actually take up less space than your actual database.

The second thing you can store is documents such as scans of receipts and invoices. For example, when you’re creating a record of an invoice that you received, you may want to scan the invoice and attach it to the appropriate record on Clever Accounting.

Many countries are passing legislation to make electronic copies of invoices valid as legal documents. In such countries, companies do not have to keep hard copies but rather they can scan their invoices and keep a digital copy instead.

The third thing you can store are pictures that you attach to your items. Pictures are in turn used in price lists.

In the case that more storage space is required, users have two options. They can upgrade to the next plan and also benefit from a higher transaction limit. Alternatively, they may purchase from us added data storage space, which we’ll allocate to them. Extra storage may be purchased at the rate of 2GB for €1 / month.

Till now, we’ve never had a user who has not had enough storage space. However, we are expecting to have some users start making more use of their storage space. As companies store more and more documents, storage space will always be in demand.

Although you can store copies of your receipts and invoices on Clever Accounting, we still suggest that you keep a local back-up of your documents.

From our end, we hope you like how we’ve upgraded our plans. We’re going to continue offering more value in the coming weeks so keep visiting our blog. You can also follow us on Facebook or Google+ where we post all of our latest updates and resources.

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