Announcing the free100 initiative

To celebrate our first year (and a bit) working on Clever Accounting software we are giving out 100 free 12 month subscriptions to micro-enterprises in Malta (companies with 10 employees or less).

The subscriptions in the free100 are of the mini-level which means that users will be able to use all the software features and may process up to 600 transactions per month, which should be more than enough for most small businesses. Mini-level subscriptions are normally provided for just €14.95 per month.

For a free 12 month subscription, click here. This offer has been exhausted, however, if you are a Startup you can avail yourself of this scheme. We may also be running a special introduction offer here.

In the past twelve months when we launched Clever Accounting in Malta and for other countries via our website, we have received a lot of support and helpful feedback from our user-base. In the last year, we’ve been working very hard to constantly improve the overall product value that we deliver as well as maintain a top level of customer support.

Today we can confidently say that we offer the best value accounting software in Malta.

We’re also expanding Clever Accounting internationally as we already have users in several other countries.

Beyond the free subscriptions, for the coming months we are planning to share even more freebies for the whole of our growing community of users. We’re not one to spoil surprises but you can look forward to resources that will help you manage your finances in a manner that allows you to get valuable insights into how your business is performing.

As many of our clients know, we believe that education on accounting basics is crucial because it empowers business owners to manage their hard-earned money wisely.

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