Health & Safety Company uses Clever Accounting

Recently we received a testimonial from one of our clients which we had met at BNI, an international referral network.

Etienne Scerri, the founder and managing director of OHS4SME (Occupational Health & Safety for Small & headerleftnewlogoMedium sized Enterprises), required an accounting solution that did not cost the Earth and at the same time did not require a lot of technical expertise to work with.

Being an open-minded individual we suggested that Etienne tries our online accounting software, Clever Accounting, particularly since it was available for 30-days risk free. After trying it out, Etienne loved the solution particularly how easy it was to issue invoices for his clients.

“I would like to congratulate you on the Clever Accounting Software that I have purchased. It is a very simple to use software which has made the accounting function very easy to keep up. I would recommend the software for any business especially small micro businesses as it is very cost effective and easy to use.”

In the case of OHS4SME, since the latter is a service-oriented company, Clever Accounting was particularly easy to implement as there was no need to make use of the inventory management and manufacturing features. Implementation simply consisted of entering the company and bank details, followed by the product, customer and supplier details.

Using Clever Accounting, OHS4SME has managed to improve the efficiency of its accounting function.

If you wish to try out Clever Accounting for your business, click here for a free 30 day trial (no credit card required).

Clever Accounting saves time for Accountant in Malta

Although we deal with businesses from all around the world, Paul-GostelowClever Accounting was born in Malta (Europe) and we have strong ties with several accountants and small business owners here on the island.

The fact that we’ve been able to work with several companies and help them improve aspects of their operations has provided us with a lot of satisfaction.

Recently one of our Clever Accounting partners, Paul Gostelow, an accountant in Malta from Astra Consulting, gave us a great testimonial that we’d like to share with you.

“As a corporate services provider who carries out bookkeeping, VAT and related activities, I was tearing my hair out trying to find a software that was Malta specific, rather than having to tweak an international software to make it work for Malta.

Luckily I met Clever Solutions Ltd. and their accounting software, Clever Accounting. It is a great software that halves the work we used to do for the quarterly VAT returns and is configured exactly in the same manner as the VAT reruns. It is intuitive and very easy to pick up. The support team is second to none and usually answer within an hour.

I have no hesitation recommending clever accounting and in fact some of my clients have started to use it for their own in-house purposes. It also has multiple language capabilities so for dealing with clients in Italian for example it is perfect. Last but no least the pricing is very keen”.

If you are an accountant, contact us and we’ll provide you with a face-to-face demonstration of the software. We can also explain the benefits an accounting firm like yours can experience when partnering with a technology firm like Clever Solutions Ltd.

For a free trial of Clever Accounting you can simply sign up here.

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