Clever Accounting Update – June 2014

Posted by Carmelo Romano

Improving the value we deliver to you is important and this is why we conduct updates to Clever Accounting.

The new version available includes a number of updates and fixes. These are some of the main changes:

  •  Added an option to allow user password reset.
  •  Changed decimal places in preferences to be number lists instead of input boxes
  •  Fixed the cancel button when confirming the voiding of a document.
  •  When cancelling a non finished sales quotation, Clever Accounting will not try to delete the record.
  •  Changing the currency in the customer or supplier tab is now allowed as long as no transactions exist.
  •  Fixed email option labels in Supplier Reports.
  •  Fixed image upload in Items Tab.
  • Several minor security updates were also implemented.

Please note that there is no need for users to do anything to start benefiting from the latest version of Clever Accounting. The update was carried out by the Clever Accounting team, so the version available to you is updated automatically.

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