Upgrade or Re-subscribe

Your subscription to Clever Accounting is automatically renewed at the end of each cycle (monthly or annually). However, there are some instances when your intervention to extend your subscription is required. Moving from a Free Trial subscription to a paid subscription is one example, while another example is when for some reason your automatic payment did not go through.

Here are the steps required to fulfill an Upgrade or Re-subscription:

1. Log into the members area at: https://my.cleveraccounting.com/login



Member Login for Clever Accounting

Note: if you forgot your password for the membership site, use the box for Lost Password.

2. As soon as you log in, you should see a page as below.



3. Click on the Add/Renew Subscription button


On the subscription page (shown above) select the subscription you would like to subscribe to. Should you wish to change the currency, click on the link next to the Change Currency label.

Continue filling in the details until to arrive at the section Clever Accounting Package Details. It is very important that you click on the Please select an account to update or fill-in 3 fields below button. Then choose the one that you want to upgrade or re-subscribe.

After that, select a payment system, accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the I Agree checkbox and click Next.

Follow the provided on screen instructions to finish the process.

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