Introduction: Clever Accounting Software

In this video we are going to cover the introduction to Clever Accounting.

When you subscribe to Clever Accounting, you receive an email with the login details. For better security, Clever Accounting requires 3 entries for a successful authentication. The first one is the username, the second one is the password and the third one is the company code. For example, to access the demo company, one would enter user1 for username; pass1 for password and DEMO for company name. It is important to note that entries are case sensitive.
As you hit Login, the application logs you in to the main screen.

Before we go any further, it is good to note that Clever Accounting can have a number of different screen formats. We have chosen the default version as this will expose all the functions of the selected tab.

The major functions of the application can be selected through the tabs found at the top of the screen.

We can find the following tabs: Sales: for adding and managing clients; issue sales quotations; invoices; receiving payments and various other functions.

The Purchases tab contains functionality to receive invoices; pay suppliers; manage suppliers as well as reporting functions.

In the Items and Inventory tab one finds everything one needs in relation to items, both those in stock and items as a service.

As an ERP application, the Manufacturing tab houses functionality such as Bill of Material; Work Centres; Work Order Entry; related reports and others.

The Dimensions tab contains the setup for dimensions. Dimensions are used to keep track of projects as well as for cost centres.

As the name implies, the Banking and General Ledger tab deals with Banking and General Ledger transactions. It also contains a number of Tax and financial reports.

The last tab is the Setup tab. In this tab one sets up the application for use in the company.

Moving to the right, away from the tabs one notices a string of links that remain available on each screen. These are Preferences, Change Password, Help and Logout. One of the first things to do after you login for the first time is to change your password. It is important to create a strong password.

Towards the bottom of the screen one can see the date and time. This date and time are those of the server.

This brings us to the end of our introduction to Clever Accounting.

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