New Quick Start Video Tutorial

The beginning is always the hardest bit. That’s probably not always true, but it does apply to most accounting software. When starting to use an accounting package, you have to set up your company and tax details so that transactions that are entered are recorded correctly. With Clever Accounting we’re doing our best to make the beginning as plain sailing for you as possible.

Not everyone is familiar with how the process, from company setup to invoicing, looks like. So we’ve created a short 7 minute video that goes through this exact sequence. This way, new users will have a more complete idea of the initial steps they need to go through when using Clever Accounting.

The video is meant to be indicative rather than exhaustive. Certain topics such as taxes and payment methods are not covered as these shall be discussed in later videos.

We hope you find the video helpful and please leave your feedback in the comments below! This will help us improve and provide you with the best product possible.

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