Clever Accounting: the Company Setup Screen


One of the basic requirements to be completed before one can start using Clever Accounting for issuing and receiving invoices is the Company Setup. Information in this screen will let Clever Accounting know what name and logo to put on the generated documents.

The Company Setup is accessed through the Setup Tab.

Most of the entries are self-explanatory. Starting off, we find the Name and Address. The Domicile is the home country of the company. So don’t include the country in the Address box.

The Phone and Fax boxes are just for that. It is suggested that the country code is included with the numbers. This is important if you are doing business with foreign companies.

The Email Address is the one included on Invoices and other documents, while the BCC Address is the address where a copy of all generated emails by Clever Accounting is sent.

The Official Company Number is the Registration No of the Business while the GST No is the General Sales Tax or The Value Added Tax Number of the business.

Next choose the Currency the business operates with.

Select the Fiscal Year you will be working in. If the year is not shown in the list, a new fiscal year will have to be added from the Fiscal Years function under the Setup Tab.

The Tax Periods indicate the number of months the GST or VAT period covers, while the Tax Last Period indicate how many back one has to go to show the correct date range in the Tax Inquiry report found under the Banking and General Ledger Tab.

The company logo can be uploaded using the browse function near the New Company Logo (.jpg) box. The Delete Company Logo checkbox can be used if the uploaded logo is not the one required and no other logo is available.

Dimensions are used for Department and Project Costings. Dimensions will be explained in a different document or video. Suffice it to say that one can set Clever Accounting to have one or two or no dimensions.

The next three items concern the prices of items. The Base for auto price calculations selects which of the current price lists to choose for price calculation. The Add Price from Std Cost calculates the price by the entered percentage and the Round to nearest can be set to have the prices rounded to the nearest value entered in this box.

The search group of checkboxes changes the way items, customers and suppliers are searched for in the forms where they are listed.

The Automatic Revaluation Currency Accounts checkbox enables or disables automatic re-evaluation of currency accounts.

Time Zone on Reports enables or disables the printing of time zone on the reports.

For security reasons, Clever Accounting logs the user off after a certain period of inactivity. This period can be set in the box near the Login Timeout.

When ready with this screen click on the Update button to save the changes.

This concludes the Company Setup Video.

Remember that you should always seek the assistance of a qualified person in your country when dealing in accounts.

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