A First Look at the Balance Sheet


The Balance Sheet is an important document very often requested by people interested in financing your business, such as a bank manager. This document is a summary of the financial balances of a business.

Clever Accounting offers two methods to obtain a Balance Sheet, one is delivered on screen in the form of a Balance Sheet Drilldown and the other is the Balance Sheet printed report. For this session we will talk about the on screen Balance Sheet Drilldown.

After logging in to Clever Accounting, select the Banking and General Ledger tab and then click on the Balance Sheet Drilldown link.

The ensuing screen shows the total Assets and the total Liabilities, which should balance out (hence the Balance Sheet). The nice touch with this screen is that you are allowed to drill down on the assets or the liabilities to extract information on how the balances were generated.

In addition, the Balance Sheet can be generated for a particular date and also for a particular Dimension. This is particularly useful when you wish to compare your balance sheets of different periods, or if you’d like to see how the different.

This concludes this tutorial. Take the time to get acquainted with your Balance Sheet as it will provide you with insight into the makeup of your company.

Thank you for watching this Clever Accounting Tutorial.

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