Adding Clients


Don’t we all like clients!!! What’s a business without them?

Clever Accounting needs to know about clients or customers in order to be able to issue invoices and keep track of payments and overdue accounts.

To add Customers select the Sales tab and then click on Add and Manage Customers.

Most of the entries on this form are easy to understand, however it would be wise to highlight some of the more important ones.

While in the Customer Name one enters the full name of the Customer, in the Customer Short Name one is only allowed to enter a word that has no spaces. However you can enter any code you like. For example, if your customer name is Carpet Enterprise Ltd, the entry in Customer Short Name can be anyone of the following: CarpetEnterprise or CarEnt or WZ3241 or any other single word code you deem fit to represent the customer name.

The GSTNo field requires the customer’s Tax Registration No or the VAT Reg. No. This is important as this number is included in any invoice issued to the client. Without the registration number included, the customer might not be able to claim back any tax paid on the item.

The Tax Group entry indicates how the sales made to this client will be reported for tax purposes. In many countries, the local sales tax or vat is not charged to foreign customers.

When all the data is entered, click on the Add New Customer button.

If the data entered so far is accepted, a couple of messages will appear towards the top of screen in green. The first one acknowledges the addition of a new customer while the second one indicates that a default Branch was automatically created.

Clever Accounting provides for the possibility of each client having different branches (or departments). This comes in very handy when the client actually has different locations, or when deliveries are to be made to certain departments and not others.

The Customer Branch detail will be covered in the section Customer Branches.

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