Customer Branches


After adding a Customer or whenever the Customers page is opened and a customer is selected, one may notice the Customer branches heading and the Add or Edit link beside it. Clicking on this link will open the Customer Branches page and a new form that collects more information for the current customer.

What is a Customer Branch?

In this context a Branch may be considered as a section of a business or a different location of the same business. As an example we can take a customer that is a small business that has different departments. Each department purchases our service separately. In this instance it would be good to have different branches as each section of this business can be catered for separately.

Another example is of a clinic that purchases hygiene products. However, consultants are responsible for their own purchases. Again, in this instance the branch function helps better management of services or materials sold.

In the case of a business where branches or different locations do exist, the descriptions of the form, fits perfectly with the reality of the said business.

The Customer Branches form is split into two. The top part lists the branches that have already been added to the selected customer and the bottom part where existing entries can be edited or new ones added.

Adding or editing a branch is simple. Select the customer from the list. In order to edit one of the entries shown in the top part of the screen, a click on the pencil icon loads the related data in the bottom section of the screen.

On the other hand, should the requirement be to add a new branch, the details in the bottom part are to be filled without first loading any of the entries in the top part.

Each branch can have more than one contact person. Contacts can be assigned to Deliveries, Invoices, Orders and General communications.

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