Registering Suppliers


Adding Suppliers information in Clever Accounting follows the same logical and simple process of other similar tasks. The Suppliers form is found under the Purchases tab, in the section marked as Maintenance. Click on Suppliers and the suppliers form will open.

There is no need to enter all the data in the supplier form, however, a little extra effort to register as much information about a supplier in the beginning will save you a lot of searching later on. For example, there is no need to enter the Contact Person’s name and the Phone number, but when you need to contact the supplier, having these available in one place will save you time.

On the other hand, there are fields that must or should be entered. The Supplier Name and the Supplier Short Name are required. Remember that for the Supplier Short Name, no spaces are allowed.

The Tax Group is any important entry as this affects the TAX and VAT reports as well as decision on tax and vat payments calculations.

The entries under the Accounts section are normally left to their default setting. Be sure to understand what you are doing if you decide to change these settings.

The rest of the entries are optional.

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