The Purchase Order


Under the Purchases tab, in the Transactions section, the first selection is the Purchase Order Entry.

The Purchase Order Entry form is divided into three horizontal sections.

The top section deals with the details of the supplier, order date, supplier’s reference and some other details. If the supplier is not yet registered in the system, pressing F2 opens the Suppliers form, where the user is allowed to register the supplier and then select it as the supplier for this purchase order.

The middle section deals with the Items to be ordered. Filling up the items and quantities builds up the purchase order (which can be printed and sent to the supplier). Ideally, all items are registered in the system prior to starting the purchase order; however, items can also be included by pressing F4. On pressing F4, the Items form is shown and the required product or service can then be added and selected within the purchase order.

The bottom section is dedicated to the Memo that may be required to be added to the purchase order.
When all the information is entered, clicking on the Add Order will conclude the capture of the Purchase Order.

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