Clever Accounting has a good number of reports in its arsenal. These reports assist the user with important company financials and can provide the crucial information that allows a business to grow and steer clear of financial mess.

Each tab has a link to its own reports. The Sales tab has a link to Customer and Sales Reports; the Purchases tab has a link to Supplier and Purchasing Reports; the Items and Inventory tab has the Inventory Reports while the Manufacturing tab has a number of Manufacturing Reports. Both the Dimensions and the Banking and General Ledger have links to their relevant reports as well.

Some of the most useful reports include the Profit and Loss; the Balance Sheet; the Annual Expense Breakdown; the Audit Trail; the Tax Report; and a host of other reports.

It is suggested that as a user of Clever Accounting, you get acquainted with the reports provided and use them as a tool to protect and assist your business.

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