Creating a Sales Order

Creating a Sales Order

Creating a Sales Order requires that there are items and clients recorded in the system. It is possible to create both clients and items on the fly during Sales Order entry, however, it is suggested that clients and items are entered beforehand.

Click on the Sales tab and then on the Sales Order Entry.

Fill in the form (see example above) and click Place Order.

The screen that follows provides a number of choices. For example, clicking on the Print This Order link produces a PDF of the Sales Order.
This concludes the creation of a Sales Order.

Modify Sales Order

To modify a Sales Order start at the Sales tab and then click on Sales Order Inquiry

Locate the Order Entry to be modified and click on the pencil symbol.

Modify the entries as required. In the above example the quantity was changed to 2.
When all changes are done click on Commit Order Changes
At this point a screen with options is shown.

Delete a Sales Order

Follow the process shown in Modify a Sales Order above to locate the sales order in question.
Click on Cancel Order and the Sales Order will be deleted.

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